Simple SSAO 1.3 for Unity Released!


Add Ambient Occlusion effects on your game or project in Unity with our Simple SSAO asset for Unity

In general, these algorithms on realtime projects are high-quality but slow or the other way around. Right now Simple SSAO is the fastest and at the same time provides the highest quality you will come across in Unity. It is based on a well known article our co-founder Jose Mendez wrote some years ago in GameDev and has been happily used in a lot of projects, we think even on AAA games!


Changes from version 1.2:

  • Effect can now be previewed in the scene view.
  • Added luminance modulation parameter.
  • Added downsampling parameter.
  • Ability to customize interleaving pattern.
  • Removed command buffers and switched back to regular image effect. This works around several command buffer bugs (i.e. screen flipping in forward mode in windows)
  • Removed lighting pipeline integration, which simplifies use of the asset. A similar effect can be achieved by using luminance modulation.





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